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Knanaya Matrimony:

Knanaya are a group of Christians in South India who follow endogamy. Since 1910 and 1911, they form separate dioceses in Jacobite Syrian Christian Church and Syro Malabar Church. Some of them have also joined Protestant and Pentecostal churches in recent years.The Christians in Kerala have distinguished themselves into two mutually exclusive sections, the Northists and the Southists. Members of each of these divisions identify themselves and assert their superiority in legends which downgrade the other.We have been successful to build a large collection of Catholic Grooms and Catholic Brides, that reside all across the world including India knanaya Catholic matrimony,Tamil nadu knanaya Catholic matrimony,Hydrabad knanaya Catholic matrimony,bangalore knanaya Catholic matrimony,Chennai knanaya Catholic Matrimony,Kerala knanaya Catholic matrimony , USA knanaya Catholic matrimony.Searching for malayalam knanaya catholic grooms Matrimonial Site.Searching for knanaya jacobite Matrimonial Site.Searching for malayalam knanaya jacobite boys Matrimonial Site.Your Search Ends Here. Find Your Perfect Match from thousands of knanaya jacobite profiles.

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